Scott Miles Stout and Derrick Allen Felton v. The GEO Group, Inc., et al.
Stout v. The GEO Group

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If you were physically disabled while housed a the Western Region Detention Facility,
a Settlement has been reached that may affect your rights.

UPDATE: The Settlement was approved at the Fairness Hearing on September 29, 2023.  All deadlines for this Settlement have passed. All Claims-Based claims have been processed and a determination has been sent. If you are an "Identified Class Member" and have not received payment by the end of December 2023, please contact us at 1-855-678-0651 or by email at

What is this Settlement about?

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against The GEO Group, Inc. ("GEO") and SDCC Middle Block, LLC ("Middle Block"), regarding alleged violations of disability antidiscrimination laws by failing to provide accessible accommodations to persons with medical conditions or disabilities requiring ambulatory aids. The Settlement provides payments based in part on each day you had a disability that affected your mobility while housed at the Western Region Detention Facility and had a problem because of an architectural barrier at this facility.

Who is included in the Class?

The class includes "All disabled persons and persons with medical conditions that requires the use of ambulatory aids and who were housed at the Western Region Detention Facility" on or after January 4, 2017. An ambulatory aid includes any device needed to assist mobility, such as a wheelchair, cane, walker, crutches or walking boot.





(Deadline Passed)

To receive a settlement award, you must submit a Claim Form no later than August 24, 2023. Certain Class Members do not need to submit a Claim Form and will be informed of this separately. If you claim is accepted, you give up the right to sue defendants separately concerning the same legal claims as this lawsuit and you will be bound by the result in this lawsuit. August 24, 2023


(Deadline Passed)

Write the court about why you do not like the proposed settlement. August 30, 2023


(Deadline Passed)

Ask to opt out of the Settlement. If you opt out, you are not entitled to any Settlement benefits, but you keep your right to sue GEO and SDCC Middle Block, LLC in your own personal lawsuit. if you do not opt out of the Settlement, you will be bound by the result in this lawsuit.

If you opt out of the Settlement you cannot object to the Settlement.
August 30, 2023


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